The Sims 4 is undoubtedly one of the most popular life simulation games ever. As in any game of this genre, satisfaction of your character is the key to progress. If you ever felt that you need more satisfaction points to fulfill your avatar’s wishes and dreams, then the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat might be the solution.

What is the Cheat for Satisfaction Points in Sims 4

Satisfaction Points are a special currency in the Sims franchise. They are important to increase the well-being of your character and can be used to buy rewards that will help progress faster in skills and increase happiness overall. These points are crucial to fulfilling your avatar’s aspirations and living a fulfilling virtual life. It is easy to see why many people desire to learn the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat for PC.

How to Earn

Before we turn to the Sims 4 cheats, it is advisable to know how to earn satisfaction points in a legitimate way:

  • Every character has desires and life aspirations that they want to fulfill. By fulfilling these goals, you’ll earn satisfaction points. These desires can range from simple everyday tasks like preparing meals to larger life goals like reaching a top position in a career level.
  • When your characters are happy and their needs are met, they automatically receive satisfaction points. This means that the happier they are, the more satisfaction points you will earn over time.
  • Certain traits, such as “confident”, can give bonuses that allow earning satisfaction points faster.

It takes hours and hours to earn enough points, so if your patience is running out, you can always use the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat code.

How to Cheat for Satisfaction Points in Sims 4

Sometimes you may want to speed things up and give your characters more satisfaction points, this is where cheats come into play. To use them, follow these steps:

  • Open the cheat console. Depending on your platform, there are different ways to open the cheat console. For example, on PC, press Ctrl + Shift + C simultaneously. More on this later.
  • Enter the Sims 4 add satisfaction cheat. In the cheat console, enter the command “sims.give_satisfaction_points [amount]”, where “[amount]” is the number of satisfaction points you want. For example, to add 1000 points, the command will be “sims.give_satisfaction_points 1000”.
  • Confirm. After you have entered the command, press Enter or the appropriate key on your gamepad.

If done correctly, the character will receive the specified amount of satisfaction points. You can repeat this process as many times as you want.

Can You Get an Unlimited Amount of Satisfaction Points?

One of the most common questions players have is whether it is possible to get an unlimited amount of satisfaction points. Unfortunately, there is no such cheat to give satisfaction points in the Sims 4. You will have to enter the cheat again every time you need more points.

Rewards Store: What Can You Buy?

When you have used the Sims 4 satisfaction rewards cheat, it is time to spend the points. In the rewards store, you’ll find a variety of items, for example:

  • Trait rewards. These rewards give your character special abilities or traits that make them unique in the game. For example, there is the Sleepwalker reward, which allows your avatar to be more productive at night.
  • Happiness rewards. These rewards improve the overall happiness of your character and help them earn happiness points faster. For example, you can get “Positive Relationships” which make it easier to make and maintain friendships.
  • Need rewards. These rewards help fulfill the avatar’s needs faster. They include bonuses like “Hunger Satisfaction” and “Toilet Cleaning”.
  • Objects and clothing. There are also unique objects and clothing that you can use or wear.

The choice of rewards depends on your game goals and needs, so use the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat on Mac to get whatever you want.

How to Turn on Satisfaction Cheat for PS, Xbox and PC

While the code itself is the same for every platform, the method of opening the console is different:

  • To open console on PC, press Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • To use the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat on PS4 and PS5, hold down the L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 keys at the same time.
  • To activate the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat on Xbox One, hold down the LB + LT + RB + RT keys simultaneously to open the cheat console.

Once the console is opened and the cheat is activated, the satisfaction points will be added to your character and you can spend them in the reward store.

Can You Remove Satisfaction Points Sims 4?

One of the peculiarities of satisfaction points is that they cannot be removed once awarded. Once you add satisfaction points to your avatar, they will remain forever. This means that you should be careful when using the cheat, as there is no way to reduce or remove satisfaction points.

What if Cheat Doesn’t Work?

There are several reasons why the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat not working for you:

  • Make sure that you have entered the cheat correctly. Even small typos can cause it not to work.
  • If you use mods or extensions, they may affect the cheat. Temporarily disable all mods and try again.
  • Make sure that your game is up to date. Sometimes outdated versions of the game cause problems with cheats.

These problems are the most common ones and are usually easily fixed.


Using Sims satisfaction point cheats can be a useful tool to progress faster in the game and ensure that your avatars are always satisfied. However, it is important to use these cheats wisely to maintain the fun and challenge of the game. Remember that fulfilling your character’s desires and aspirations naturally is an essential part of the gaming experience.

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