Welcome to the exciting world of the Sims 4 needs cheat, where you can create and control your own digital reality. As a passionate simmer, you already know the joys and challenges of your virtual avatars’ lives. But have you ever wondered if there could be something that would make the gaming experience even more exciting and at the same time simplified?

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the topic of Sims 4 fill needs cheat on PC and consoles, and explore why this additional feature could take the game to a whole new level.

What Are Sims 4 Needs

One of the most important mechanics in the game is the character’s needs. They represent the basic requirements and desires of the character that must be met to ensure their satisfaction and well-being.

How to Fill Your Sims Needs

There are a total of six basic things that must be met: Hunger, Hygiene, Energy, Social, Fun, and Bladder. In order to make sure that the characters are happy and satisfied, it is important to regularly check how your character is doing.

Satisfaction of basic requirements is a daily necessity: a character’s mood and emotional state depend on the degree of satisfaction. Some of the requirements are purely physiological, like food, sleep, and hygiene. The green color of the scale symbolizes a high level of satisfaction, while red means that a particular stat demands your immediate intervention. You may ignore these warnings for a while, but you should keep in mind that an unsatisfied character feels uncomfortable – and is unable to perform many activities in that state.

However, if you want to concentrate on other aspects of the game and forget about the requirements of your characters, you can always use the Sims 4 fill needs cheat to turn off the needs decay.

How to Turn Off Needs Decay

Sometimes it can be frustrating to see your character’s stats rapidly diminish. Fortunately, there is a cheat to make needs full in Sims 4 and turn off the stat decay. To use it, you need to open the command console:

  • Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + C on your PC or Mac.
  • Enter the code “needs.static_need_decay [true/false]”

If you enter “true”, the needs will continue to decrease, while if you enter “false”, they will remain frozen the way they are at that particular moment.

Note: using Sims 4 needs decay cheat can significantly change the gameplay.

Enable Cheats for Needs to Be Full in the Sims 4

If you want to fill only one of the stats instantly, there are codes for this too. Use the Sims 4 adjust needs cheat “fillmotive motive_[need]”, where “[need]” stands for the corresponding need index:

  • hunger
  • hygiene
  • energy
  • social
  • fun
  • bladder

Each word corresponds to a specific need. For example, the Sims 4 fill needs cheat code for the hanger will look like “fillmotive motive_hunger”. These codes can be very useful if you character is in a situation when the stat can not be satisfied or you do not want them to stop their current activities.

PC Needs Cheats

To use Sims 4 cheats PC needs, open the command console with Ctrl + Shift + C and enter one of the codes that we mentioned above.

Mac Cheats

If you are playing on a Mac, you can also use the Sims 4 needs cheat on Mac, just open a command console: press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the console and enter the appropriate codes.

PS4/PS5 Cheats

Are you playing on a console? Don’t worry, you can still use Sims 4 fill needs cheat on PS4/PS5 to make your family happy. On your PS4 or PS5, press the L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 buttons simultaneously to open the command console. Then enter the appropriate codes.

Xbox One Cheats

If you play on Xbox One, you can also fulfill your character’s needs with a code. On your Xbox One, press the LB + RB + LT + LT keys simultaneously to open the command console, and then enter the appropriate codes.

With Sims 4 cheats that disable needs decay, you can ensure that your character’s are always happy. However, it is important to note that using cheats can affect the gameplay and the game experience. An essential part of the game is to manage the requirements and shape the character’s way of life. Using Sims 4 cheat for needs to be full can reduce the challenge aspect. Therefore, it is recommended to use the mentioned codes sparingly and at your own discretion to maintain balance in the game.

Meeting your character’s requirements is crucial to their happiness and satisfaction. By regularly taking care of their hunger, hygiene, energy, social, fun, and bladder, you can ensure that your virtual family’s life is fulfilling. Use the above Sims 4 individual needs cheat carefully and don’t forget that the real joy of the game is taking care of your characters and fulfilling their requirements while you experience their unique stories.

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