The Sims franchise is beloved by players from every corner of the world. With its addictive gameplay and huge customization options, the Sims 4 is the most popular iteration of the famous simulation game. A central aspect of it is the emotional experience of the characters. But what if you want to influence your character’s mood to achieve the desired results? This is where the Sims 4 mood cheats come into play.

Change Sims Mood

There are moments when you may find that your character’s mood is not quite at the desired level. Maybe they are just not happy and often are overwhelmed by sadness. The virtual avatar’s mood is mainly influenced by their moodlets, which represent what they are feeling or thinking at the moment. Moodlets can have a negative or positive effect, for example, if the characters have not eaten in a while their mood will become worse because of a specific moodlet.

This is precisely the situation where the Sims 4 emotion cheats can help. With these cheats, you can add or remove moodlets to push the mood in the direction you want.

Emotion and Mood Cheats in the Sims 4

Wonder how to make your Sim angry or happy? The developers have implemented a number of cheats that allow players to influence the emotions and moods of a virtual family. From happiness and joy to anger and sadness, the options are many.

Moodlet change is especially popular with players because it allows them to change the character’s mood more precisely by removing the undesirable aspects and adding the ones they need. There are probably a hundred of these moodlets in the game.

How Do They Work and How to Use the Cheats?

Using mood cheats is easier than you think. Simply open the cheat console by using the appropriate key combination for your platform (more on this later). Then enter the Sims emotion cheats to change your Sims’ mood. Remember that using cheats can have an impact on the game experience, so use them wisely.

The cheat itself is easy: “sims.add_buff [Moodlet]High”. Instead of “[Moodlet]” you simply type the moodlet you want to add. For example, let’s look at how to make Sims focused: sims.add_buff FocusedHigh. The moodlet will be applied indefinitely and to remove it you will have to use another code, which we will tell you about later.

Of course, you might not want to apply the Sims 4 individual mood cheat for a short time only and for it to be removed without more cheats. There is a code for that too. For example, to apply the “Focused” moodlet for 12 hours enter the code “sims.add_buff e_buff_[Moodlet]”.

List of Moodlets

Here is a list of some moodlets you can use with cheats mentioned previously:

Name of MoodletForm for a long time (low +1, high +2)Form for 12 hours
Energizedenergizedlow / energizedhighe_buff_energized
Flirtyflirtylow / flirtyhighe_buff_flirty
Inspiredinspiredlow / inspiredhighe_buff_inspired
Focusedfocusedlow / focusedhighe_buff_focused
Playfulplayfullow / playfulhighe_buff_playful
Sadsadlow / sadhighe_buff_sad
Angrysocial_angry / feelingangry / unfaithfule_buff_angry
Happysocial_happy / happye_buff_happy
Embarrassedembarrassed / peedselfe_buff_embarrassed

The full list is too big for this article, as mentioned, there are probably a hundred different moodlets, all of which can be used with cheats in the Sims 4. Don’t know how to get Sims inspired? Well, use a code!

Why Make Your Sim Angry or Happy?

By this point, some people might wonder why on earth would you need codes to change the mood of a character? Well, there are some advantages to using cheats to make your Sims happy or angry:

  • Making your Sims happy can speed up the game as they don’t have to waste time on fulfilling their basic needs.
  • If you’re looking for more of a challenge, you can make your Sims angry on purpose. This makes it harder for them to succeed in the game and requires more strategic thinking.
  • If you’re telling a story or pursuing creative play, happy Sims can help advance the desired plot without being distracted by needs.
  • The Sims 4 cheats angry mood can lead to interesting and dramatic plot developments that make the game more exciting.
  • Manipulating emotions allows you to focus on other aspects of the game, such as building and decorating houses or developing relationships between Sims.
  • Some players prefer a more realistic gaming experience and want their Sims to react to events in a natural way. Making Sims angry can help make the game more realistic.

It is important to note that using the Sims 4 moodlet cheat affects the game experience and makes it deviate from the standard game mechanics. Therefore, the decision to make the character happy or angry should be made according to personal preferences and goals in the game.

Cheat to Remove the Moodlet

To remove your character’s sad state of mind, there is a particular cheat, which we will explain in the next part of the article. Just enter the appropriate code to remove moodlet in the Sims 4 and your character will feel better again. This way you can make sure that your Sim has the best possible experience in the virtual world.

Sim Stuck With Sad Moodlet – How to Remove?

If you applied a code and then realized that it led to undesired results, you obviously can use another code to take down the moodlet. Continuing the example from before, to remove the “Focused” moodlet, enter a code: “sims.remove_buff [Moodlet]”, instead of “[Moodlet]” use your own choice.

To remove all moodlets the character has at the moment type: “sims.remove_all_buffs”. Note that this will remove all moodlets, even the positive ones. So, if you are here only to research angry emotion in the Sims 4, use the first code from this section of the article.

The Sims 4 Emotion Cheats Not Working

There may be situations when the Sims 4 emotion cheats are not working. This can be due to various reasons, such as updates to the game or the use of mods. If you find that the cheats do not work as expected, you should make sure that you are using the latest game version and that no mods are active. If the Sims 4 moodlet cheat not working even after that, try reinstalling the game.

How to Enable Mood Cheat for PS, Xbox, and PC?

Activating the change Sims mood cheat in the Sims 4 can vary depending on the platform. For PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC, there are different key combinations to open the cheat console. Make sure you use the right combination for your platform to use the cheats successfully:

  • On PC press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console and enter your desired cheats.
  • On PS press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to open the cheat console and enter your cheats.
  • On Xbox press and hold LB + LT + RB + RT to open the cheat console and enter your cheats.

Overall, the codes mentioned in this article give you the opportunity to customize your character’s emotions to your liking and enjoy a more immersive gaming experience. Try them out and see how they can affect gameplay in different situations. Have fun while playing!

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