The world of the Sims 4 offers countless possibilities and career options. One of the most exciting aspects is the mixology skill and career. Here we show you how to get the most out of this skill and what Sims 4 mixology cheats can help with that.

Mixology for Money Making

Mixology can be a lucrative source of income in the game. With the right skills and recipes, your avatar can open their own bars and build a thriving business. Like with any other skill in the game, you will be able to get the most out of it only if you get the maximum level. We will explain how to do it with max mixology skill Sims 4 cheat in a matter of seconds later in the article.

Career and Business

To become a mixologist in the Sims 4 just join the mixology branch of the culinary career. At level 5 of this career, your avatar will have a choice to become a mixologist i.e. bartender. This option has its own requirements, such as decent charisma skill. Whether as a bartender in a posh establishment or as the proud owner of your own bar, mixology offers numerous career opportunities after that. Use your skills to climb career ladders or run a successful business.

About Mixology Skill

The Mixology skill allows your character to mix a variety of drinks, from simple cocktails to exotic creations. The higher the skill level, the more options are available and the more difficult bartender tricks your avatar can do. The drinks that you will be able to make at the max level will earn you significantly more money.

All Levels of the Mixology Skill

From basics to mastery, the Sims 4 mixology has 10 different levels. Each level unlocks new recipes and skills to turn your avatar into a true mixology expert.

Level 1

At the first level, your character learns to make a few basic drinks and can start practicing beginner tricks.

Level 2

Now your character can learn to do the Behind the Back trick and talk about drink-making with other Sims.

Level 3

The third level does not open any new perks but your character starts mixing drinks a little faster and the tricks can be learned easily.

Level 4

Now your character can learn Juggle Trick. Additionally, the mixed drinks give stronger moodlets, sometimes even giving +2 Happy.

Level 5

Now your character has the Talented Tender moodlet after successfully mixing a drink. It lasts 4 hours and +1 Confident.

Level 6

Now your character is able to practice bar tricks at any time, which has an additional perk of getting Inspired on demand.

Level 7

Your character can now do the Bottle Stack trick and drinks give stronger moodlets.

Level 8

Now that your character is almost at the top of the skill, it can start sharing mixology secrets with other avatars in the game.

Level 9

Your character can now learn the Bottle Fireball trick, which is considered to be the best in the game.

Level 10

At the max level of the Sims 4 mixology skill, your character can freshen drinks, which resets the spoil timer. Additionally, the Mix Master moodlet is applied after making Drinks.

How To Learn and Level up Mixology Skill

Initially, you can learn the Sims 4 Mixologist skill by making drinks or by reading a skill book. Also, you can buy a bar and put it in the house, but they are expensive, and if you do not use cheats, it might be difficult to purchase one at the start of the game. However, there are no restrictions to where you can practice, so you can send your character to the nearest bar in the town and start mixing drinks there. The first level is procured pretty quickly and after that, it is a matter of practice.

Yes, the best way to level up the Mixology skill is to simply practice making drinks at the bar. This does not create any drinks, so you will not have to throw away any bad results or unnecessary cocktails. Just remember, that actually mixing a drink will give a bit more experience to the character.

Using Cheats for Max Mixology Skill Level 

If you do not want to bother will leveling up the skill, just use the Sims 4 level 10 mixology cheat to immediately become a pro. The code is “stats.set_skill_level Major_Bartending [1-10]”. 10 is the max level but you can set it to any number from 1 to 10 if you want.

How To Enable Cheats

To activate cheats, you will need to open the cheat console in the game and activate «testingcheats on» by typing it into the console and applying it. How to open a console depends on the platform you are playing on.

How To Activate Mixology Cheat Codes for PS, Xbox and PC

To open the cheat console on different platforms:

  • PC and Mac: Press Ctrl + Shift + C at the same time
  • On PS4 and PS5: Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the same time
  • On Xbox: Press LB + LT + RB + RT at the same time

After the console is open, simply type the Sims 4 mixology cheats for PS4 or any other platform and apply it.

Why Are Mixology Cheats Not Working

Sometimes cheats may not work due to game updates or other technical issues. Make sure your game is up to date and try again. Additionally, some mods can interfere with the cheats, so disable them and try again.

With the Sims 4 mixology cheat, characters can improve their skill quickly and effectively. Use the tips from this article to turn your avatar into a mixology master and build a profitable business.

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