The Sims 4 is a popular life simulation game in which you can create a virtual avatar and control their life completely. Your character can have a job, start a family, go on holiday, and so on. However, one of the most exciting things in the game is the possibility of becoming famous. Fame can bring your character many benefits, but it is quite a challenge to get it. In this article, we will look at the different ways you can earn Fame Points, including through the Sims 4 fame points cheat.

How to Gain Fame in the Sims 4

Here are some proven methods of gaining Fame Points without Sims 4 fame mod:

  • One of the most direct ways to achieve fame is to choose a profession that is related to it. Careers such as acting, musician, author, or social media influencer offer the best chances of becoming a celebrity.
  • Achieving milestones in a career or hobby can bring fame. Unlock achievements by reaching certain goals, such as publishing a best-selling book or reaching levels in a skill.
  • Star lounges are exclusive places that are only accessible to celebrities. Visit them to meet other celebrities and increase your fame. You should also attend special events to attract more attention.
  • Your character will level up in various celebrity levels throughout the game. The higher the level, the more fame he will get. Complete tasks and challenges to increase the celebrity level.

Once your avatar is famous, they will receive fame bonuses like free items or invitations to exclusive events. Use these benefits to further increase your fame.

Achieving fame takes time and dedication, but it can be an extremely rewarding gaming experience. Experiment with different careers, skills, and social interactions to help your virtual character on the path to fame. If you want to achieve fame here in now, there are always the Sims 4 get famous cheats that you can use to speed up the process.

Get Famous With the Fame Points Cheat

Here’s how to increase celebrity status in Sims 4.

Become a 5-Star Celebrity Cheat

The dream of becoming a 5-star celebrity can become a reality with the help of a cheat. This Sims 4 celebrity cheat will give your avatar the highest fame status in no time. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the cheat console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C (on PC or Mac).
  • Enter the following cheat: “testingcheats [true/false]”. Without this step, the next one will not be possible.
  • Click on a character and select «Increase Celebrity Level». This adds a star to a celebrity level of a character. Repeat until you have 5 stars.

With this Sims superstar cheats you almost immediately become a 5-star celebrity.

The Unlimited Fame Points Cheat

If you’d rather make your own path to fame, you can use the unlimited Sims 4 fame cheat. This allows you to add as many fame points as you want to your sim. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the cheat console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C (on PC or Mac).
  • Enter the following cheat: “famePoints [amount]”, where “[amount]” is the number of fame points you want to add. For example, if you want to add 500 fame points, enter «famePoints 500».
  • Confirm the cheat by pressing the Enter key.

Your character will now have the specified number of fame points to increase its fame in the game.

Fame Perk Cheats

Fame Perks are special abilities that your Sims 4 celebrity character can acquire. With the following cheats, you can unlock them without earning fame points:

  • Type “bucks.unlock_perk [Perk code] [true/false] [Sim ID], where “[Perk code]” is the code of the perk you want to unlock. For example, «bucks.unlock_perk Networking true 63342» unlocks the perk «Networking».To get your Sim’s ID use the following code “sims.get_sim_id_by_name [Firstname] [Lastname]”. For example: sims.get_sim_id_by_name James Hopkins.
Perk CodeName of PerkResult
NetworkingNetworkingSimpler interaction with Sims of higher fame.
PRPersonPR AgencyEntrust an agency to handle reputation management and secure exclusive invitations.
FanFavoriteFan FavoriteLeverage fans to impact your Fame and Reputation.
InstantBestiesInstant BestiesForge friendships or romantic relationships after being introduced.
SquadSquadGather your entourage.

There are many such perks in the game, and all of them become available for you with these famous cheat codes. Experiment with perks to create unique in-game scenarios. We recommend saving the game before applying a perk, just in case something goes wrong.

Fame Quirk Cheats

Fame Quirks are peculiar behaviors related to your character’s fame. You can unlock them with cheats:

  • Type “bucks.unlock_perk [Quirk code] [true/false] [Sim ID]” to unlock all fame Quirks. For example, «bucks.unlock_perk FanMail true 63342» unlocks the «Fan Mail» quirk. To get your Sim’s ID use the following code “sims.get_sim_id_by_name [Firstname] [Lastname]”. For example: sims.get_sim_id_by_name James Hopkins.
Quirk CodeName of QuirkResult
ASeriousActorA Serious ActorWhen you possess a talent for the theatrical, there’s no room for mischievous jokes
BrushesWithFameBrushes With FameFame becomes tempting when you associate yourself with individuals higher up the social ladder than you
EmotionBombEmotion BombAllowing emotions to build up until they explode isn’t a healthy approach to managing one’s feelings, but there’s something to be acknowledged about the feeling of calmness after letting it all out.
FanMail“Fan” MailEngaging with your devoted audience is commendable, but making yourself visible can also expose you to different kinds of “fans”.
JuiceEnthusiastJuice EnthusiastJuice is undeniably tasty. The more you consume it, the stronger your desire for it might become.
NoTouchingNo Touching!Being famous doesn’t imply that you’re comfortable with the general public encroaching on your personal space.
PaparazziDarlingPaparazzi DarlingWho says being followed by the paparazzi has to be a negative thing? Turn it into a fun experience!
PhoneFanaticPhone FanaticWith numerous entertainment choices at your fingertips, why divert your attention from the real world?
PublicNumberPublic NumberThe more you interact with Sims through your phone, the higher the chance that your phone number might get exposed to the public…
RefinedPalateRefined PalateGetting used to consuming the most exquisite foods can make it challenging to appreciate a regular meal.
Quirks_StanA Stan!Certain fans exhibit obsessive personalities… Offering a personalized keepsake might be perceived as an invitation to exceed the limits of acceptable conduct.
VainStreetVain StreetOh, my dear, you look absolutely stunning. Would you consider staying and admiring your reflection for a while?

Each quirk applies a special effect, so they are worth experimenting with. For example, the mentioned «Fan Mail» quirk will cause occasional gifts and letters to be delivered from fans. Not all such interactions will be positive but they are nevertheless interesting.

Can You Unlock All the Fame Perks in the Sims 4?

Yes, you can unlock all Fame Perks, either naturally by earning Fame Points or using the cheats above. The choice of perks depends on your character’s interests and goals. Experiment and find out which perks best suit your play style.

How to Enable Fame Cheat for PS, Xbox, and PC?

The cheat themselves do not change no matter what platform you play on. Enabling the cheat console, however, varies depending on the platform. Here are the steps for enabling cheats on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC.


  • Press Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • Type your desired cheat code and press Enter. Typically, you start with “testingcheats [true/false]” followed by the specific cheat code you want to use.

PS4 / PS5:

  • Hold down L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 simultaneously to open the cheat console.
  • Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your cheat code. You might need to use the D-pad or analog sticks to navigate and select characters. As with PC, you first apply “testingcheats [true/false]” followed by the specific cheat code.


  • Hold down LB + RB + LT + RT simultaneously to open the cheat console.
  • As with PS, use the on-screen keyboard to enter your cheat code. You might need to use the D-pad or analog sticks to navigate and select characters. As with PC, you first apply “testingcheats [true/false]” followed by the specific cheat code.

All in all, fame is an interesting mechanic that adds to the game a whole new level. Experiment with different perks and quirks and see what scenarios you can come up with!

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