The Sims 4 is a popular life simulation game that allows you to create a perfect life for a virtual avatar. With the introduction of “Dine Out” expansion, the characters can open and run restaurants, so the accumulation of Perk Points became of great importance, as they allow players to improve their restaurants and create a unique culinary experience. In this article, we will go into more detail about the Sims 4 dine out cheat to show you how to get the most out of your restaurant.

How to Gain Dine Out Perk Points in the Sims 4

Perk Points are a reward that allow to unlock various benefits and improvements for the restaurants. They are vital to the success of your establishment and there are several ways players can earn these points, besides using the Sims 4 dine out perk points cheat:

  • Simply running a restaurant already earns you some Perk Points. The better the restaurant runs, the more points you will get. You can also increase your points by improving the quality of the food and service.
  • The satisfaction of the guests in a restaurant is crucial. The happier your guests are, the more points you earn without using the Sims 4 dine out cheats perk points. Make sure your service team is efficient and the meals are of the highest quality.
  • Some skills like cooking, mixology and hospitality can also help you earn points. The better your avatars are at these skills, the more points they earn.

Additionally, there are special tasks in the game that can be completed to earn these points, and, of course, the Sims 4 restaurant perk points cheat. The tasks can range from the number of meals served to improving the decor, and the cheats can give you everything you might possibly want.

Types of Restaurant Perk Points

There are different types of Perk Points that are available in Dine Out expancian. Each has its own unique benefits and improvements that add to the gameplay experience:

  • Chef Perk. These points help improve the chef’s culinary skills. With each Chef Perk Point earned, you’ll be able to unlock new recipes and increase the quality of the meals you prepare.
  • Service Perk. Smooth service is the key to a successful restaurant, especially without the Sims 4 dine out cheats on PS4. With these points, you can train your staff to be more efficient and friendly. Your waiters and waitresses will work faster and more effectively, resulting in happier guests.
  • Restaurant Perk. These points allow you to unlock various improvements for the restaurant, including new menu options, decorations and the possibility to customize the restaurant. The more Restaurant Perk Points you have, the more inviting your restaurant will be for the neighborhood.
  • Investor Perk. If you don’t want to limit yourself to just one restaurant, you can use these points to invest in other restaurants and profit from their success. This allows you to own different restaurants and expand your culinary empire.

As you can see, it takes a lot of skill to successfully run a restaurant.

How Do Perk Points Work?

Perk Points are an important part of restaurant management. They can be used to:

  • Improve your menu and add new dishes. This attracts more guests and increases your revenue. Also can be done with the Sims 4 restaurant cheats 5 star.
  • Train and improve your service and kitchen staff to ensure a more efficient and smoother restaurant operation. Training take time, so use the Sims 4 dine out employee skill cheat we mention below to speed up the process.
  • Remodel and customize your restaurant. This includes choosing decorations and furniture to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Invest in other restaurants and profit from their success. You can own a variety of restaurants and build your own restaurant empire. This is easier with the Sims 4 dine out promo code.

Of course, it takes time to earn enough points for an upgrade you so desperately want, so if you not the most present person on Earth, you can always use codes.

All the Dine Out Cheats for the Sims 4

While earning Perk Points by playing the game normally can be extremely satisfying, there are also the Sims 4 dine out cheats that allow you to get these important reward points quickly and easily:

  • bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWaitstaff [true/false] – unlocks additional service staff. This is especially useful in busy restaurants to speed up guest service.
  • bucks.unlock_perk IngredientQualityOptions [true/false] – the Sims 4 restaurant cheats for improving the quality of ingredients used in the preparation of your food.
  • bucks.unlock_perk MoreCustomers [true/false] – attracts more customers to your restaurant. Using this cheat will increase the chances that your restaurant will always be busy.
  • bucks.unlock_perk KitchenUpgrade [true/false] – improves your kitchen equipment, making meal preparation more efficient and faster.
  • bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalChef [true/false] – hires an additional chef for your restaurant. These Sims 4 restaurant cheats speed up meal preparation and allow you to serve more dishes at the same time.

Use these codes wisely as they drastically change the gameplay experience. In the situation when the Sims 4 restaurant perk points cheat not working, check that you have typed the code correctly, as it is very easy to make a mistake.

How to Unlock All Dine Out Perk Points Sims 4?

Unfortunately, there is no Sims 4 unlimited perk points cheat to unlock every perk in the game. You will have to go though them one by one to get everything you want. On the bright side, this means that you will only get the perks that you really need and will not suffer from the unforeseen consequences of others.

How to Enable and Use Restaurant Cheat for PS, Xbox and PC?

Activating and using cheats on different platforms is easy:

  • PS4 and PS5 – press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to open the cheat console. Then enter the Sims 4 dine out cheat for PS4 you want to use.
  • Xbox One – press LB + LT + RB + RT to open the cheat console. Enter the desired Sims 4 dine out cheat for Xbox.
  • PC – press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console. Enter the desired cheat.

Remember that the Sims 4 dine out cheat for Xbox One, PS4/PS5 and PC are the same. If the Sims 4 dine out cheat not working, check that you do not have any add-ons activated that you got the latest version of the game.


The Dine Out Perk Points offer players the opportunity to upgrade their restaurants and create unique culinary experiences. Whether it’s by simply running the restaurant, satisfying guests, or completing tasks, there are many ways to earn Perk Points. However, with the right cheats, you can get to your goal even faster.

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