Sims 4 career cheats are an excellent tool for accelerating your progress in the game. With them, you get all the advancements in their career and can even try out different professions without spending a lot of time. In this article we will look at the different career cheats and how they can be applied.

What Are the Promotion Career Cheats

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, the Sims 4 promotion cheat allows you to skip the tedious process of building a career naturally and go straight to the top. The cheats themselves look like a simple line of code that you need to type into a command window.

List of the Sims 4 Career Cheats

There are a lot of cheats in the game, so let’s categorize them to make everything a little easier.

Full-time Career

Full-time jobs are open only to adult characters. These include everything from a cook to an astronaut and a fireman. If you want to cheat to promote a career in Sims 4, type the following code:

careers.promote [Full-time profession]

Instead of [Full-time profession] use the name of the profession. Once you’ve enabled a cheat, make sure to click on the character you want to level up.

Remember that some career options are available only if you have a specific DLC.

Full-time professonMeaningDLC
AstronautAstronautBasic game
AthleticAthleticBasic game
BusinessBusinessBasic game
CriminalCriminalBasic game
CulinaryCulinaryBasic game
EntertainerEntertainerBasic game
PainterPainterBasic game
SecretAgentSecret AgentBasic game
InfluencerStyle InfluencerBasic game
TechGuruTech GuruBasic game
adult_WriterWriterBasic game
adult_freelancer_artistFreelancer – Digital ArtistBasic game
adult_freelancer_agency_programmerFreelancer – ProgrammerBasic game
adult_freelancer_agency_writerFreelancer – WriterBasic game
HighschoolHigh School (Teen only)Basic game
GradeschoolGrade School (Child only)Basic game
DetectiveDetectiveDLC – Get to Work
DoctorDoctorDLC – Get to Work
adult_active_ScientistScientistDLC – Get to Work
careers_adult_CriticCriticDLC – City Living
ActivistPoliticianDLC – City Living
SocialMediaSocial MediaDLC – City Living
Adult_GardenerGardenerDLC – Seasons
ActorActorDLC – Get Famous
MilitaryMilitaryDLC – StrangerVille
ConservationistConservationistDLC – Island Living
OddJobOdd JobsDLC – Island Living
Fashion_PhotographerFreelancer – Fashion PhotographerDLC – Moschino Stuff
careers_Adult_EducationEducationDLC – Discover University
careers_Adult_EngineerEngineerDLC – Discover University
careers_Adult_LawLawDLC – Discover University
careers_Adult_CivilDesignerCivil DesignerDLC – Eco Lifestyle
careers_adult_freelancer_agency_makerFreelancer – CrafterDLC – Eco Lifestyle
CorporateWorkerSalarypersonDLC – Snowy Escape
ParanormalinvestigatorFreelancer – Paranormal InvestigatorDLC – Paranormal Stuff
decoInterior DecoratorDLC – Dream Home Decorator

Part-time Career

Part-time jobs are a great source of additional income, but players mainly choose them for young characters. Since the teens in the game can also build their own careers, it’s understandable why you may need codes to promote the younger generation. The teenage characters do not have such a great choice of professions. They can prove themselves in retail sales, fast food, to work as a bartender, babysitter or handyman.

To promote a teenager, type in the command:

careers.promote [Part-time profession]

Instead of [Part-time profession] you need to enter the name of the career. This Sims 4 advance career cheat works with any profession: a fast food worker is FastFood, a babysitter is BabySitter, a retail worker is Retail, a handyman is ManualLabor, etc.

Part-time professionMeaning
PartTime_BabysitterPart-Time – Babysitter
PartTime_BaristaPart-Time – Barista
PartTime_FastFoodPart-Time – Fast Food Employee
PartTime_ManualPart-Time – Manual Laborer
PartTime_RetailPart-Time – Retail Employee
Teen_BabysitterPart-Time – Babysitter (Teen only)
Teen_BaristaPart-Time – Barista (Teen only)
Teen_FastFoodPart-Time – Fast Food Employee (Teen only)
Teen_ManualPart-Time – Manual Laborer (Teen only)
Teen_RetailPart-Time – Retail Employee (Teen only)
PartTime_DiverPart-Time – Diver
PartTime_FishermanPart-Time – Fisherman
PartTime_LifeguardPart-Time – Lifeguard
Teen_LifeguardPart-Time – Lifeguard (Teen only)
careers_Adult_PartTime_SimsfluencerSideHustlePart-Time – Simfluencer
careers_Adult_PartTime_StreamerSideHustlePart-Time – Streamer
career_Teen_SimsfluencerSideHustlePart-Time – Simfluencer (Teen only)
career_Teen_StreamerSideHustlePart-Time – Streamer (Teen only)

Don’t forget to click on a character you want to promote, after applying the code. This is one of the most common reasons why people think that the Sims 4 promotion cheat not working.

To Promote Career Cheats

We already mentioned the code for promotion: careers.promote. Use it for any character you want and any profession, for example, Culinary, Writer, Painter, Entertainer, TechGuru, Astronaut, Criminal, SecretAgent.

To Demote Career Cheats

You can both demote and promote your character. Why do this? This is certainly an interesting question, but this is a game so…

In order to have your character demoted, just open the command line and type Sims 4 demote career cheat:

careers.demote [career]

As in the case with the promotion, instead of the [career] you need to write the profession of your character.


There is also a fun cheat that lets you change the clothes your character wears to work. If this is something you might want to do, one a command window and type:

sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas [ID]

Instead of [ID] type the ID of a particular character. After the code is applied, you will be able to change the outfit to anything you like. To get ID of character you want, you must to write a following command into the console and you will get the ID:

sims.get_sim_id_by_name [First Name] [Last Name]

For example, if a character has a name Fred Lasso, you could write his name as “fred lasso” or “Fred Lasso” or somehow else using lower case or upper case

sims.get_sim_id_by_name Fred Lasso

How to Use Advance Cheat Codes

Every Sims 4 career advance cheat in the game requires the same steps: open a command window, enter the code, and apply it. Some codes need an additional step in the form of clicking on a character, like the career cheats we listed above for example.

How to Enable Career Cheats

Activating career code is relatively simple, but since the game is available on many platforms the process differs somewhat. Sims 4 promotion cheat on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC and Mac stays the same.

PC Cheats

By holding down Ctrl + Shift + C on a PC, you can open a command line, where you will be able to write the code itself. Enter the desired cheat code and confirm with the Enter key.

Mac Cheats

Press the Ctrl + Shift + C keys simultaneously to open the cheat console. Enter the desired cheat to promote career in Sims 4 and confirm with the Enter key.

PS4/PS5 Cheats

Press the buttons L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the same time to open the command window. Enter the Sims 4 career cheats for PS4 or PS5 and confirm with the X key.

Xbox One Cheats

Press LB + RB + LT + LT at the same time to open the command console. Enter the desired cheat code and confirm with the A key.

Promote career Sims 4 cheat can be a fun way to expand gameplay and explore different professional scenarios. They allow players to advance their characters faster or try out new careers. However, note that using cheats can alter the gameplay experience and reduce the sense of challenge. Therefore, use them wisely and enjoy the game in a way that works best for you.

Overall, Sims 4 add career cheat offers an additional way to personalize the game and control the career paths of your virtual family. Whether you promote, demote, or make other adjustments, it is all up to you. Experiment with the different codes and have fun!

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