The Sims 4 continues to fascinate players with its immersive virtual world even though it has been released all the way back in 2014. From designing the lives of virtual characters to building dream homes, the game has a variety of exciting features and possibilities to explore. One particularly intriguing aspect that has attracted players’ attention is the concept of alien abductions.

In this article we’ll delve into the fascinating world of the Sims 4 alien abduction cheat, revealing the secrets behind these extraterrestrial encounters and the means by which players can manipulate them to add a touch of intergalactic excitement to their gameplay.

Aliens in the Sims 4 World

How to turn a Sim into an alien in the Sims 4? Aliens can be created as game characters and have unique features and characteristics. They often have a paler skin color than regular avatars and unusual eye color such as green or purple. They also have the ability to transform into a human appearance to better blend into the world.

Aliens have special abilities, such as reading minds or fulfilling their needs faster than normal. They also can kidnap other characters and perform experiments on them. In addition, they have the possibility to travel by spaceship and visit other planets.

It is an interesting and unusual addition to the Sims world, as aliens open up new possibilities and stories. Whether you create a friendly alien that tries to fit into society or a strict alien that kidnaps and performs experiments on neighbors is up to you!

How Do You Get Abducted by Aliens in the Sims 4?

Before we turn to the cheats, it is important to understand how you can get abducted by aliens in the first place. Aliens are a part of the game world and have the ability to your characters. These abductions can happen naturally in the game if certain conditions are met. For example, avatars who have a high astronomy skill level or are near a spacecraft may have a higher risk of being abducted.

How Does Abduction Work?

If your character gets abducted, you can experience some interesting things. The abduction usually happens at night while the avatar is asleep, they are then captured by a bright beam of light and taken to a spaceship. During the abduction, they can have some scary experiences. After a while, they are brought back home safely and unharmed.

Increasing Your Chances for Abduction

If you want to increase the chances of being abducted by aliens, there are a few things you can do. Increase astronomy skills by using telescopes and looking at the stars. The higher the skill level, the more likely the abduction is. Sims who have space technology skill also have a higher chance of being taken to a spaceship.

Another way to increase the chances of abduction is to collect space junk and build a rocket. By possessing these objects, you signal to the aliens that your character is interested in space activities and is a potential abduction target. The more space junk and rockets you own, the greater the chance.

The Sims 4 Alien Abduction Cheats

If you don’t want to wait for your character to be naturally abducted, there are also cheats you can use to enter the Sims 4 alien abduction mod. There are several codes that you will have to type and a few necessary actions but it is still much faster than improving skills and waiting for an abduction.

In the next portion of the article, we will explain how exactly to use the cheats.

How to Use the Alien Abduction Cheat?

So, to get your character abducted using cheats your will need to:

  • Open the cheat console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C (on a PC or Mac) to open the cheat console
  • Enter the cheat “bb.showhiddenobjects” into the console and press Enter
  • Enter Buy Mode, get a satellite, and place it somewhere on the land
  • Open a console and type the code: “stats.set_stat commodity_AlienAbduction_Cooldown 0”
  • Open a console and type the code: “interactions.push AlienAbduction_BeAbducted”

After following these steps and successfully applying the Sims 4 alien abduction cheat code, your character will get immediately abducted.

How to Enable Alien Abduction Cheat for PS, Xbox and PC?

Activating the alien abduction cheat on different platforms is quite simple, although the method of opening a command console is different:

  • To open the console for the Sims 4 alien abduction cheat on PS4 and PS5, hold down the L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 keys simultaneously.
  • To open the console for the Sims 4 alien abduction cheat Xbox One, hold down the LB + LT + RB + RT keys at the same time.
  • On PC or Mac press Ctrl + Shift + C.

Then just follow the steps mentioned in the previous section of the article.

How to Stop Alien Abduction?

How to stop alien abduction in the Sims 4? There is a simple trick. Pause the game while the abduction is happening and switch to build mode. Delete the spacecraft from your plot and then return to live mode. This will cancel the abduction and your Sim will return home safely.

It is important to note that cheats are not always officially supported by developers, so their functionality is not guaranteed. If the alien abduction cheats do not work, it may be helpful to consult forums or websites of players to find possible solutions or alternative cheats that can achieve similar effects.

Why Alien Abduction Cheats Not Working?

If the Sims 4 alien abduction cheat not working, there are a few possible reasons. First, make sure that you have entered the code correctly. Also, check if you have the latest version of the game, as some cheats might be affected by updates or expansion packs. In addition, you should enable the console correctly for the code to work.

Now you know how to get abducted by aliens in the Sims 4. Overall, the alien abduction cheats offer a fun way to control the game and experience fascinating adventures with aliens. Whether you prefer natural abduction or the use of cheats, meeting aliens will surely bring an exciting twist to your characters’ lives. Have fun exploring the alien side of The Sims 4!

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