The Sims franchise’s popularity seems to only grow over the years, so it is no wonder that more and more people want to learn how to get more money in Sims 4. In this article, we will go through all the different methods of earning in the game, including the less obvious ones and even cheat codes.

All Ways to Get Money in the Sims 4

There are a lot of ways to earn money in The Sims 4. Some of them require a lot of work from the player, and others, like cheats, can give a lot of money in a few minutes. Here are the best ways to make money in the game.


Your characters can take a regular job to earn money. There are several careers to choose from, each offering different salaries and opportunities for advancement. Later we will look at the best career to make money.


Sims can work as a freelancer, for example as a writer, artist, or programmer. Their income will depend directly on the work they do and how high their stats are.


Growing and harvesting plants can be a good source of income. Sell the fruit and vegetables at the market or directly to other Sims.


By fishing, you can not only improve your skills but also sell fish to earn extra money. Some species are very rare and thus can be sold for a huge profit.


Your avatar can collect or produce items and then sell them to other characters. This is a fun way to learn how to make money quickly in the Sims 4.


If you already know Sims 4 and how to add money quickly, you can invest it to generate additional income. This is a relatively obscure way to get income in the game and has many risks but also big profits if you are lucky.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of these methods depends on your Sim’s skills and traits. Experiment with different options to find the optimal source of income.

How to Earn More Money Quickly

If you want to speed up your character’s cash flow, there are some tried and tested methods to achieve this. Climbing the career ladder is one of the most obvious and rewarding ways. Your avatar can choose between different careers, the higher the career level, the more money will flow into the account.

Another effective method is to collect crops and sell them on the market. This simple but often overlooked way can be surprisingly profitable. Be sure to hone your Sims’ skills to find rare crops and maximize their selling price.

The Best Career for Fast Riching

When it comes to finding the best jobs for money, the initial career choice is key. Some careers inherently offer higher salaries than others. The tech guru path is probably the best career for money as it offers generous bonuses and pay raises.

The Corporate Mogul is another promising career option. Here, your avatars can set up and run their own businesses, which can lead to considerable income. Make sure you master the skills required to be successful in the chosen industry.

The medical field is also lucrative, especially if your characters become doctors. In addition to a high salary, they can also receive bonuses for saving lives and successfully performing surgeries.

How to Start a Business in the Sims 4

Starting your own business is an exciting way to give money to your Sims. The variety of businesses available is impressive, from restaurants to bookstores to photography studios. The key to success is to invest time and resources into the business.

Running a restaurant can be a rewarding experience. Hire talented chefs, make the ambiance appealing, and cater to the Sims in your neighborhood. If the food is delicious and the service is top-notch, the money will flow like crazy.

Bookstores are a great option to get rich in the Sims 4 for creative people. Write your own books, hire talented authors, and watch how the books sell. The popularity of the books determines the success of the business.

For artistically talented avatars, a photo studio could be the right choice. Offer photography services for special occasions, sell artwork, and become a respected photographer in the Sim world.

How to Become Rich Without Job

There are also ways to make money without a job in the Sims 4. One way is to invest in real estate. Buy houses, improve them, and sell them for a profit. Or rent out the houses to earn a regular income.

The stock market is another option. Your Sims can buy and sell shares to make a profit. Be sure to watch the market and make smart investment decisions, or you will just delete money from your account.

Collecting rare collectibles can also be a profitable activity. Your characters can find valuable works of art, antiques, or rare fossils and sell them for a good price.

Opening a museum is also an interesting option. Collect and display rare collector’s items to win admiration. As your popularity increases, so does your income.

Cheating to Get Unlimited Money

For those in a hurry or just looking for a relaxing game, there is always the option to cheat. Using money cheats in the Sims 4 allows you to customize the amount of money your Sims has. Note, however, that if you give yourself money in Sims 4, it affects the fun and challenge of the game.

“sims.modify_funds [amount]” — with this Sims 4 cheat for the money you can add a specific amount of money to your household, just replace [amount] with a number. For example, to add 50000 type sims.modify_funds 50000 into the command window.

How to Get a Lot of Money Without Cheat Codes

If you prefer to avoid cheat codes to add or take money away, there are still legitimate ways to earn lots of money, we talked about most of them above. Use the tips and tricks mentioned in this article to improve your financial situation in the game without resorting to questionable means.

In addition to the already mentioned methods of how to get more money on Sims 4, there are many other ways to earn money in The Sims 4. Participating in social events, selling homemade products, unlocking achievements and rewards – the virtual world is full of opportunities.

Best Ways to Make Money in the Sims 4

In addition to every method of how to get free money on Sims 4 we mentioned above, you can also consider the following ways:

  • Self-employment. Encourage your Sims to pursue self-employment activities, such as painting pictures, writing books, or making crafts. These activities can be reliable sources of income.
  • Gardening. Having your own vegetable garden can not only improve your Sims’ food supply but also bring in extra money by selling plants and harvested produce.
  • Freelance jobs. Your Sims can take on freelance jobs, be it as programmers, writers, or artists. These jobs not only offer variety but also additional income.
  • Invest in skills. Improve your Sims’ skills to unlock more lucrative jobs and business opportunities. Skills such as cooking, painting, programming, and music can lead to numerous sources of income.
  • Vacation Homes. When your Sims go on vacation, rent out their homes as vacation rentals. Not only is this a great way to earn income while they’re away, but it also adds to the realism of the game.

These methods can be used in combination with the Sims 4 career cheats, so apply them if you can.

How to Get Rid of Money

It may sound strange, but there are also situations where you want to get rid of money. How to get rid of money in Sims 4? Buy expensive furnishings, organize luxury parties, or give away generous gifts to empty your account. Not only can this make gameplay more interesting, but if you get rid of money, it can also be a fun challenge for experienced Sim players.

You can also use the cheat code to set money to 0 in Sims 4. “sims.modify_funds -[amount]” will subtract the specified amount from the household account. For example, sims.modify_funds -50000.

How to Transfer Money Between Sims Households

If you play multiple households and want to ensure that all Sims can enjoy the lifestyle they deserve, there is a feature called “Transfer Money”. With this option to get money fast in Sims 4, money can be transferred between households to ensure that each family has access to the resources they need.


The Sims 4 offers a variety of ways to increase your wealth and to transfer money between households. Whether by advancing careers, starting businesses, investing wisely, or discovering new skills, the Sim world is rich with opportunity. Experiment with different methods to find out which best suits your play style and watch your characters become wealthy virtual residents. Have fun playing and earning money!

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